About Seeking Shalom Acres

Seeking Peace With All

We seek shalom with our Creator.
We seek shalom with each other in our family life.
We seek shalom with our fellow human beings.
We seek shalom with our animals and how we care for them.
We seek shalom with the good ground and all it has to offer.
We seek shalom with the wildlife around us.


Seeking Shalom Acres is a small family homestead. We believe that the Creator of the world is the Prince of Shalom (peace) and we are seeking His shalom in all areas of our lives. We are human just like everyone else, and shalom is something we all desire to one degree or another. We seek shalom, but we often fail. Our hope and joy is found in knowing that one day the Creator will make all things new and right again and the whole world will experience full and perfect shalom in everything.

​This excellent video offers a great glimpse at the depths of meaning in the world "Shalom":