Great Pyrenees - Great Pets

When you are searching for a pet for your family, what qualities do you desire in your future furry family member?

If you are searching for a furry family member who will be like a big teddy bear - cuddly, affectionate, smart, patient, calm, loyal, steadfast, and protective - the Great Pyrenees breed may be the perfect match for you!

In determining if a Great Pyrenees is the right match for your family, you need to understand the breed and determine if you will be able to meet their breed-specific needs.  Here are a few things for you to consider:

(1) Great Pyrenees have a wanderlust.  Sometimes they just like to go exploring!  Because of this, they need adequate containment to keep them safe and to keep them where they belong.  Adequate containment for a Great Pyrenees pet is usually a 6 foot privacy fence or a wireless pet containment system.  They generally train very well to these pet systems, and we have used the wireless containment systems ourselves at times.

(2) Great Pyrenees are a large breed.  Males at maturity usually weigh between 100 and 130lbs or more and are 27-32 inches tall.  Females at maturity usually weigh between 85 and 115lbs or more and are 25-29 inches tall.

(3) Great Pyrenees have a double coat and require a minimum of a weekly brushing when kept as a pet.  Daily brushing is even more ideal and is a pleasant experience for them and you.

(4) Great Pyrenees have a built-in air-conditioning system in their coat!  It is very important that you do not shave them or give them a hair cut, as this can make it that they are no longer able to regulate their body temperatures and stay cool in hot weather.  Even with their air-conditioning abilities, Great Pyrenees (as with all breeds) need shade and lots of fresh water during hot weather.

(5) Great Pyreneees are still guardians even when they are kept as pets.  They will treat your family as they would treat their livestock if they were working a farm.  They will be protective and bonded deeply to you.  They will bark when they feel there is someone or something around they believe should not be there.  Their bark is deep and loud.  You must be in a neighborhood that allows for dogs that bark.

(6) Great Pyrenees need some daily moderate activity.  On a farm, they lay around a lot, but fly into action whenever necessary, so they get regular exercise. As a pet, they need some outside time everyday, either a walk on a leash or some good time running around the yard.

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